Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Be Ready To Accept Change and to Accept God's Call For You

Want to focus today on the example set by the Apostle Andrew. Andrew was first a disciple of John the Baptist whose testimony led him to believe in the Messiah, Jesus. He was quick to recognize Jesus and introduce Him to his brother Peter. He was also sure that Jesus could perform great things and hence was eager to introduce the boy with... the loaf and fish. He was also one of the disciples who told Jesus of the Greeks searching for him. Andrew thus believed in his ministry. His ministry was to bring others into the presence of Jesus.

Andrew was one of the closest disciple of John the Baptist and probably was being trained by John to do greater things. But when he became one of Jesus' disciple, though he became one of the Twelve, he wasn't chosen by Jesus to be a part of the Inner Circle of Three to witness the raising up of Jairus' daughter, the Transfiguration and for the prayer at Garden of Gethsemane.

But Andrew did not complain. He believed in God's plan for the others and God's plan for him. He was ready to accept change and move forward with his ministry of bringing people to Jesus, unlike some of the other disciples of John the Baptist who were still confused at Jesus' preaching. They couldn't accept change and probably took a long time to realize their call from God.

What God has in store for you is not what you have planned for yourself. Accept the change God brings in your life and listen to His call.